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Roald Dahls' Matilda The Musical, Cambridge Theatre London. RSC Royal Shakespeare Company. Image: A little girl (Matilda) stood with her hands on her hips looking up into the left-hand distance. She is stood in-front of a glowing blue lights, which makes her look almost like a silhouette. It is a powerful image.
Green background. Text: [top]"London's #1 Show." Wicked (the dot on the 'i' is a silhouette of a witch on a broom) [bottom] The Apollo Victoria Theatre Image within a circle frame Green witch in a black pointy hat and robe faces forward, side profile of a witch in contrasting white whispers to her.
The Lion King. Tickets on sale to March 2025
TEXT: Winner! Best New Musical. Back to the Future the Musical. Adelphi theatre. Doc and Marty stand next to the Delorean time machine which has both doors open. Doc looks at a stop watch, Marty at his wrist watch. The city clock tower is in the background.
Mamma Mia! London March 2024 25th Creative
Text: Another Day, Another Destiny. Les Miserables. 38th Revolutionary Year, Sondheim Theatre. Image: A line drawing of Cosette against a revolutionary background.
Elsa silhouette. Disney's Frozen The West End Musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
The Book of Mormon. The Prince of Wales Theatre.

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West End Favourites

The West End is one of the most iconic areas of London. Every year, it attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from both within and outside of the country. It offers the highest level of commercial theatre in the entire English-speaking world. From renowned actors to revered directors and incredible designers—the most talented people in the showbiz industry have worked the London's iconic theatres. Therefore, it is your best chance to catch a glimpse of your favourite actor and see them in real life in one of the **top West End shows**. Whether you enjoy classic musicals, laugh-out-loud comedies or nuanced drama, the theatre heartland has something in store for everyone. There are many classics as well as up-and-coming shows for kids. It's a great way to ignite a life-long appreciation for the dramatic arts.

London's theatre district is home to many venues where you can catch the **top West End shows**. It features some of the best plays and musicals in the world as well as some of the longest-running shows in the history of world theatre. No trip to the capital is complete without a visit to a theatre show. Whether you're young or simply young at heart, there's nothing like escaping reality for an evening at a well-performed play. Comedy, tragedy, drama or musical - live performances in London's West End are the ideal way to enjoy a night out. There's a vast range of **top West End shows** to choose from, varying from heart-warming adaptations of old classics, award-winning scores and smashing debut of trailblazing performances to hilarious musical theatre. Rest assured, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family.