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Recommended for ages 12+.
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To be confirmed.
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30 August – 23 November 2019
This production contains adult themes.
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Please note that the producers cannot guarantee the appearance of a particular artiste at any specific performance, or after a performance for autographs. The schedule is subject to change and may be affected by contracts, holiday, illness or events beyond the producers’ control. No refunds or exchanges will be offered as a result of an artiste’s unavailability to perform at any performance.

Falsettos Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (39 customer reviews)

Rob Cover

35 hours ago

Not the best rendition of this show. Off-key singing (making harmonisation among the cast quite awful), extremely weird and a strange mix of costuming, neither period (late 70s and early 80s) nor contemporary, giving the show a very very "amateur" look and feel.

Anders Fikstveit

37 hours ago

Poor energy among the cast during the start of the first act (which is sad considering the Saturday night show often is the highlight for tourists, such as ourselves).. We had an alternate Whizzer who did not fit the role and who also (pretty obviously) had not been given enough time during rehearsals to get to know the part and create the chemestry there needs to be between Marvin and himself. Jason was plain and emotionless. There were a couple of lyrically- and staging-based mishaps throughout the show which was also unfortunate. Projections in theatre can usually be a little hard to get right which was very clear considering Whizzers heart was beating after his death. Furthermore, a couple of the songs felt a little rushed, although most of the harmonies were wonderful! Trina and the lesbians were great! Absolutely loved "I'm Breaking Down". A newfound love for Mendel also emerged as I've usually just felt annoyed with his behaviour and material, but here we actually get to see him be a human person trying his best to get through all the messy situations. To everyone who finds this review a little harsh, I am truly sorry, but Falsettos is one of my favorite musicals and I have very strong opinions about the material. Would love to see it again, but with the right Whizzer and another Jason. SPOILER: The fact that they kept Whizzer alive during "What Would I Do?" ruined the whole point of this song, and as this is such an important emotionally loaded part of the show, it would have been more powerful to stage this the way it's actually written.

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